Sub-Committee 2022-2023

The chapter Executive Committee (EXCO) is assisted by a group of dedicated member volunteers, who are inspired by the chapter's mission and objectives, taking time out of their busy schedule to help organize events and activities for the benefit of the chapter members and the information security community-at-large.

Members of the Sub-Committee can choose to take on multiple portfolios and assist the respective member Directors on the EXCO on executing the activities for the respective EXCO portfolios.

Serving on the Sub-Committee is an excellent learning ground for understanding the works and operations of the chapter and EXCO, with room for stepping up to serve on the EXCO. 

The chapter EXCO sincerely thanks and appreciates the dedicated service of the members listed below.


Melvin Leong

Selina Goh


Rajnish Garg


Eric Gregory Wong


Novi Indra Sari


Ferdinand Fong

Simon Chan

Louis Sin


Neha Malhotra