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    • 23 Feb 2024
    • 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
    • Oäsis Biströ & Café, 2 Kung Chong Rd, #04-01, Singapore 159140
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    To usher in the Year of the Dragon and extend prosperity, goodwill, and cheer to our members, the ISC2 Singapore Chapter is pleased to announce the organization of the annual Chinese New Year Lo Hei dinner event. This auspicious occasion provides a golden opportunity for members to come together, fostering connections and catching up with one another.

    Prior to the Lo Hei dinner celebration, our program will commence with a brief speech from our Chapter President, followed by a short talk from Wai Khin Hoi, CISO of RSM Singapore. As our Chapter's Marketing Director and a Cyber Auditor, he will guide us on a journey to redefine the conventional perception of auditors, shifting from distant enforcers to invaluable allies in the battle against cyber threats. The Cyber Auditor's approach goes beyond mere compliance checks, emphasizing the cultivation of partnerships based on mutual understanding and support. By engaging stakeholders at all levels, the auditor creates an atmosphere of open communication and transparency, facilitating collaborative solutions.

    Drawing on real-world examples and case studies, this exploration underscores the tangible benefits of partnering with cybersecurity auditors as trusted advisors. Through their expertise and guidance, organizations gain the confidence to navigate intricate digital landscapes, uncovering new pathways for value creation and sustainable growth amidst the relentless evolution of technology and cyber risks.


    • 6.30pm – 7.00pm – Registration and Networking
    • 7.00pm – 7.05pm – Speech by Chapter President
    • 7:05pm  7:45pm – CyberTalk (Auditor, Your Friend or Foe?)
    • 7:45pm – 9.30pm – Lo Hei Yusheng Platter followed by Dinner buffet and Networking


    This is both a social networking and chapter professional development event; thus, 0.5 CPE hours will be available for your CPE submission. To facilitate submission of CPE points on your behalf by the local chapter - please identify yourself clearly with <ISC2 membership number+ your full name when you sign up or during registration onsite.

    Note: ISC2 members residing in Singapore who are not yet members of our local Singapore Chapter please signed up with us at www.isc2chapter.sg

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    Professional Member: $50/- year
    Associate Member (Non-credential holders): $30/- year
    Student Member: $10/- year


    Wai Khin receives the 2022 fifth edition of The Cyber Security award (TCA) leader award for demonstrating leadership and volunteerism in the Singapore cyber security eco system.

    Wai Khin possesses over two decades of extensive experience in managing Technology, Cyber, Information risks, and Business Continuity. His global expertise spans risk management, audit, and security programs, both locally and abroad, meeting legal, regulatory, and organizational requirements. He is adept at innovating value-added programs and frameworks that go beyond compliance. Wai Khin engages boards and committees with hands-on case studies, addressing contemporary risks and their potential impact on business operations. His diverse background includes roles as an information security officer for a global B2B company, a data protection officer for a leading semiconductor manufacturer, and providing audit assurances at a Big 4 firm. Wai Khin holds certifications in the Certified Management Consultants program and is a Fellow with the Chartered Management Institute. He is currently the Data Protection Officer for RSM Risk Advisory and Chief Information Security Officer for the RSM Singapore office, with master's degrees in Information Security and Software Engineering from Royal Holloway, UK, and the University of Essex, respectively.


    Any cancellation has to be written to ISC2 Singapore Chapter in email, no later than 2 business days. Any no-show will be recorded as a penalty of $50, to be paid through PayNow.

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30 May 2022 You Have A Vulnerability Management Solution – So Why Are You Still Vulnerable?
30 May 2022 IMDA x (ISC)2 SG CXO Event: Third-Party Cyber Risk Management for C-Suites
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9 May 2022 Kick Off Meeting for (ISC)2 SG Mentorship Program 2022
26 Apr 2022 Cyber Security for Critical Assets APAC Summit
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8 Oct 2021 Cyber Awareness Workshop on Healthcare Cybersecurity Essentials for General Practitioners with Clinics (This is a by-invitation only event)
30 Sep 2021 The Key to Secure Digital Transformation is SASE + Zero Trust
9 Sep 2021 Container Orchestration is here, what does it mean for security?
3 Sep 2021 Gan Eng Seng Primary School - Cyber Tips for Families Workshop by (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter
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29 Jun 2021 CSA Industry Consultation Forum on Baseline Mark and Trustmark
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5 Jun 2021 Cyber Tips for Families
1 Jun 2021 (ISC)2 SG Mentorship Program Interest Registration
18 May 2021 Creating value from data—secure, and PDPA-compliant
11 May 2021 Regional Cyber Meets Physical Security 2021
5 May 2021 Dedicated Mentee Briefing for (ISC)2 SG Mentorship Program 2021
4 May 2021 Dedicated Mentor Briefing for (ISC)2 SG Mentorship Program 2021
3 May 2021 Kick Off Meeting for (ISC)2 SG Mentorship Program 2021
1 May 2021 (ISC)2 SG Mentorship Program 2021
29 Apr 2021 CyberSecurity Career - is it for me?
27 Apr 2021 (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter and AISG Collaboration
30 Mar 2021 Joint Knowledge Series Event and MOU with AiSP: Cloud Security
18 Mar 2021 Demystifying Digital Forensic Incident Response (DFIR) Service During COVID-19 Pandemic
24 Feb 2021 Democratizing External Cyber Threat Intelligence
20 Jan 2021 Adopting a Zero-Trust Approach in your Security Organisation in the midst of COVID-19 and SoloriGate
8 Dec 2020 "Unclouding" Cloud Security
28 Nov 2020 Secure Singapore 2020
11 Nov 2020 (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter 8th Annual General Meeting
28 Oct 2020 Applied 'Krav Maga' in Threat and Vulnerability (TVM) Program
24 Sep 2020 IBM/ViewQwest Co-hosted Partner Webinar - End-To-End Security for your Remote Work Force - Strategies and Best Practices
16 Sep 2020 Blockchain vs Cryptocurrency: Risks vs Benefits
10 Sep 2020 OT-ISAC Virtual Summit 2020
18 Aug 2020 Challenges to Product Security!
13 Aug 2020 Cybersecurity Management for Starups
4 Aug 2020 It’s Time To Quantify Cyber Risk Exposure
21 Jul 2020 IT-OT Masterclass: OT Cybersecurity Considerations
14 Jul 2020 Build A Virtual Home Lab for Penetration Testing
17 Jun 2020 (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter Webinar - Cyber Leadership and Strategies for effective CISOs
5 Jun 2020 Resource Lifeline in Uncertain Times
13 May 2020 Sharing Session #2 - Threat Hunting with DATA SCIENCE
23 Apr 2020 Sharing Session #1 - Good to Have or Must Have Cyber Insurance?
23 Jan 2020 (ISC)2 SG Chapter Members 2020 Chinese New Year Lo Hei Event
28 Nov 2019 (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter Social & Networking Event - Dine & Meet the EXCO
31 Oct 2019 (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter 7th Annual General Meeting
3 Oct 2019 (ISC)² Secure Summit Singapore 2019
17 Sep 2019 (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter Knowledge-Sharing Event - Automating a Full DevSecOps Pipeline
3 Sep 2019 (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter Partner Event - Gateway into World of Cybersecurity
28 Aug 2019 (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter Knowledge-Sharing Event - Myths, Realities and Challenges of OT Security
5 Jul 2019 (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter Social & Networking Event - Bowling Night
22 May 2019 (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter Knowledge-Sharing Event - Transforming the Security Stack with Moving Target Defense: Toward Cybersecurity as a Business Enabler
27 Mar 2019 Securing and Surviving the DevOps Trend for Security Professionals
13 Feb 2019 (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter Members Chinese New Year Lo Hei Event
26 Dec 2018 (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter Members Movie Night 2018: Bumblebee
28 Nov 2018 Member Reception and Cybersecurity Start-ups Sharing Event
31 Oct 2018 (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter 6th Annual General Meeting

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