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(ISC)2 Singapore Chapter and AISG Collaboration

  • 27 Apr 2021
  • 11:30 AM
  • Physical Event (Invited Personnel Only)


We are entering the era of AI proliferation into every aspect and level of consumer lifestyle and enterprise business and operations. Gone are the days when systems are structured and static until the next human intervention. We are now seeing versatile cum adaptable systems and applications that repurpose in real time to suit the changing environment, such as autonomous vehicles, drones, robots, surveillance systems, voice and image recognition systems and more. We will experience entirely new lifestyle just as handphone and internet have revolutionised communication experience.

On 27 Apr 2021, we will be entering into a collaboration with AI Singapore to offer a series of AI webinar/seminar and clinics to help our members to be gradually AI savvy and to be able to identify their cyber pain points with the help of expert consultation. The end in mind is to prescribe AI enabled cyber solution to work around those pain points.

If you have a burning issue that needs a different approach to address, please watch this space for upcoming activities that will equip you with latest AI knowledge and skills. We hope this will serve as a starting point to augment your career development with next-gen AI skillsets.

We plan to allow members like yourself to view the signing event at your own leisure. We will notify you via email once the video link is ready. Stay tune!

Sincerely Yours

Joseph Koh

Ecosystem Director | (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter

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