(ISC)2 SG Mentorship Program 2023

The long awaited (ISC)2 Singapore Mentorship Program is back for our 3rd term!

To ensure our mentors are able to guide our mentees with good mentoring skills this year, the (ISC)2 Singapore Mentorship team will be conducting the program slightly differently from previous years by calling for interested cybersecurity mentors into the program first. This batch of mentors will go through a short training program, conducted by a qualified trainer who will share tips and skills on how to be a good mentor. Mentors who graduate from the training program will be qualified (ISC)2 Singapore cybersecurity mentors and their names will be shared on our (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter website.

All interested mentees will be able to identify their desired mentors from the (ISC)2 Singapore site in Aug 2023. This year, we are extending the program to students who are seeking for a career in cybersecurity, which will include students from polytechnics. 

If you are thinking of starting or just started a career in cybersecurity and you are looking for cybersecurity mentors who have been veterans in the field to provide you guidance on what you can do in this new exciting career, then the (ISC)2 SG Mentorship Program 3.0 may be just right for you.  

(ISC)2 Singapore Certified Mentors: 

We are proud to announce our first batch of certified (ISC)2 Singapore mentors. You may check out their profiles below to connect your desired mentor.

(ISC)2 Singapore Mentors' Profiles

Interested mentees can select your desired mentors and fill in the mentees' form below to connect with your desired mentor. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

Q: I am not a member of (ISC)2 SG Chapter, can I join the Mentorship Programme? 

A: Yes you can! However we will ask you to commit to join as an Student Member (10 SGD/year), Associate Member (30 SGD/year) or Professional Member (50 SGD/year) if you are accepted to the Mentorship Programme. 

Q: I am not CISSP certified, can I join the Mentorship Programme? 

A: Yes you can! In this case, we will ask you to commit to join as an Student Member (10 SGD/year) or Associate Member (30 SGD/year). 

Q: Is there any additional cost to the Mentorship Programme, other than the (ISC)2 membership? 

A: No further cost! The Mentorship Programme is volunteer- based, and meant to stringent the ties of the cybersecurity and technology community. 

Q: I am a working adult but I never worked in cybersecurity and want to make a switch. Is the Mentorship Programme right for me? 

A: Yes, we encourage people without prior cybersecurity experience to join the programme. Mentees will be able to tap on the knowledge of experienced mentors who can guide them during their career pivot. 

Q: What can I expect from the Mentorship Programme? 

A: As a mentee, you will be asked to set a goal for yourself, and leverage the knowledge and expertise of your mentor to help you navigate and achieve it. Like in any mentorship programme, the more you invest yourself in it, the more you will get out of it. 

As a mentor, you will be sharpening your coaching and leadership skills and pay it forward for the community, as well as meeting new people to expand your network. 

Q: As a mentor or mentee, what are the expectations after completion of the mentorship program? 

A: Mentors & mentees are encouraged to share their experiences and knowledge gained throughout the program with their colleagues, batchmates or friends.   


For any queries about the program, please drop an email to (ISC)2 SG Chapter (mentorship @ isc2chapter.sg). 

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